Two Rotary Clubs organized a free pregnancy camp

Health news/Free Cervical Camp organized by two Rotary Clubs On the occasion of Rotary Day, Rotary Club of Tinau Butwal and Rotary Club of Butwal Downtown have organized a free cervical camp for women.

Tilottma Ward No. with the technical support of Om Women and Child Hospital in Tilottma 4 Drivertoll. A free camp was organized on 3 Tilottama ward no. Kalyan Paudel, the ward chairman of 3, praised for organizing a free camp aimed at women.

Paudel asked to pay attention to the protection of the uterus as it is the most sensitive and important part in the body of women.

Rotary Day Celebration Committee Chair Rajendra Dhakal and Assistant Governor Ravilal Pokharel mentioned that Rotary is an international club founded purely for social service and asked them to take full advantage of the camps organized by Rotary clubs.

Kamala Hamal, President of Rotary Club of Butwal Downtown, mentioned that the problem of cervical cancer among women is becoming terrible recently, and said that women over 35 years of age should have a cervical check-up at least once every year.

She said that 80 percent of women’s cancers are uterine cancer and 20 percent are breast cancer, and the number of cancer patients is increasing recently.

Rotary Club of Tinau Butwal president Amrita Bhusal urged the women to take full advantage of the camp. The program was conducted by Prakash Paudel, Secretary of Rotary Club of Butwal Downtown.

Gynecologist and Obstetrician Dr. More than 200 women underwent health check-up in the camp where medical team including Sharmila Sharma conducted health check-up.

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