Such is the political journey of Health Minister Dipendra of Lumbini

Health News .Lumbini Health Minister Dipendra Pun has taken oath. Ministers took oath at the office of the provincial chief in Butwal on Thursday evening. Pun.

who is also a central member of the CPN Maoist Center, resigned from the party after the party did not give him a ticket and contested the election as an independent candidate.

Pun, the MP elected from Rolpa Region No. 1 (B), defeated Amarsingh Pun, who was also the Lumbini Province President of the Nepali Congress at that time. After winning, he returned to the Maoist center.

Mahara Rolpa, who led the new power coalition in Lumbini province, is a provincial MP elected from 1 a.
This is the resume of the Minister of Health

Family details:
Baje: Deuman again
Father: Sarvajit Pun
Mother: Sashila Pun
Wife: Dil Kumari Bathan
Sons: Reunited
Alok again
Daughter-in-law: Savina Gharti
Sunita again
Sisters: Sapna again
Create again
Sons-in-law: Sashiram Pun
Purna Bahadur again
(Both were martyred)

Political details:
1. In 2043 Mr. Janjagriti M.V. While studying gambling in Class 8, A.N.R.S.W.V.U. Sixth, N.C.P.A. Belongs to the fraternal organization of Mashal
2. In the year 2044, public service M.V. Unit President of Rangsi
3. In the year 2045, the responsibility of west region of Rolpa was given by the students for underground propaganda against autocratic panchayat system
4. In the year 2046, A.N.R.S.W.V.U. 6th Rolpa District Member
5. In the year 2047, party membership of N.K.P. Mashal was obtained
6. In the year 2048, A.N.R.S.W.U. Sixth District Vice President
7. From 050 to 2054, he served as the district president of the student organization twice
8. Central member of student body twice from 2050 to 2056
9. In the year 2048, N.C.P.A. Ekta Kendra) of 9 no. area member
10. In the year 2051, N.C.P.A. (Maoist) of 9 no. coordinator
11. In 2052, in charge of 11 localities and after a detailed study of the Holleri post, attack on 1st Falgun 2052
Note: The main weapon of the attack was one rifle that I and Jhakku Prasad Subedi took from Gorkha to Ghorahi and from Ghorahi to Nuwagaon in Rolpa alone overnight.
12. In 2054, N.C.P.A. (Maoist) District Member of Rolpa District Organization
13. District Secretary of the party
14. Since 2059, N.C.P.A. (Maoist) working as in-charge of Palpa district
15. On 24th of Falgun 2061 Mahin blast occurred during Gandak bandh, left, right hand and left ear were lost.
16. In charge of Rolpa district from 2063 till now 2075 Baisakh
17. The 2061 meeting of Thabang Funtibang elected the responsibility of the central member
18. From the Chunbang meeting of 2061, he was given the responsibility of Brigade Commissioner, but after reaching Gandak, he was again given the responsibility of Palpa and Nawalparasi districts.
19. Member of the Politburo since 2073
20. Member of the Central Secretariat since 2074
21. Since 2075, the responsibility of the central member of Nepal Communist Party
22. Elected as a member of the State Assembly from Rolpa 1 (2) (b) in the Union and State Assembly elections held in November 2074.

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