A trauma center will be set up at Bardghat in West Nawalparasi

Health news/It has been confirmed that a trauma center will be built in Bardghat Municipality Ward No. 2 of West Nawalparasi at a cost of 150 million rupees.

Shambhulal Shrestha, Mayor of Bardghat Municipality, informed that after the Ministry of Health and Population sent a letter to Urban Development and Building Construction on January 18, confirming the multi-year contract and resources, it was confirmed that a trauma center would be built in Bardghat.

Although funds have been allocated time and time again, the city will not allow the funds to be frozen, said the city chief Shrestha. ‘We demanded 200 million for trauma. Now the resources of 15 crores have been secured. We will implement it,’ said city chief Shambhulal Shrestha.

In the beginning, sources of 10 million rupees were secured for building a 50-bed trauma center, but the work could not go ahead and the funds were frozen. After that, last year, despite the certainty of sources of 40 million rupees for trauma, the amount was frozen due to lack of land acquisition.

Stating that the amount has been frozen twice, he said that Bardghat municipality is preparing to not allow the budget to be frozen under any circumstances.

Last year also, the city wanted to do the work, but due to lack of time, the time has already passed while doing the process at that time. Now the source has been ensured on time. Now the process of trauma starts in time,’ said the city head Shrestha.

Bardghat municipality initially decided to build a trauma center with 50 beds, but the decision of the Minister Parishad on the 22nd of Paush decided to build a trauma center with 25 beds and sent a letter to the Ministry of Finance to ensure funds. On 23rd Paush last year, the Ministry of Finance sent a letter to the Ministry of Health revising the program.

After that, on 25th Paush, the Ministry of Health sent a letter to the Ministry of Finance for the consent of resources for the construction of trauma center. After the Ministry of Finance gave consent for the multi-year contract and resource assurance on 17th January, the Ministry of Health sent a letter to the Department of Urban Development and Construction on 18th January for the construction of the trauma center building in Bardghat West Nawalparasi.

Mayor Shrestha said that since the source of 150 million rupees for the construction has been assured, the trauma center will be built after sending the letter for implementation.

“We requested 200 million rupees from the Ministry of Finance for trauma, but now the finance has ensured a budget of 150 million rupees,” said City Chief Shrestha.

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