“Even if there is a smell in chlorinated water, there is no harm in drinking it.”

Health news/Khimlal Pandey, director of health directorate of Lumbini province, said that chlorinated water is suitable for drinking.

Stating that chlorine-containing water has some smell, he says, ‘Don’t stop drinking even if there is some smell in chlorine-containing water. Drinking chlorinated water is good for health.’ According to Pandey, it is best to drink water if it is between 0.1 to 0.5 per liter.

Speaking at the orientation program of drinking water safety scheme at Bardghat water supply hall, Suman Sapkota, lab technician of health directorate of Lumbini province, said that if the drinking water has zero chlorine, clean water can be sent to the consumers’ homes. Sapkota said that if the water is murky or if lime is found in the water, the water is not suitable for drinking.

He said that boiling water is the best method, but it is less expensive in terms of expenses and the slow scent filter and repeat scent filter is the best method of keeping bleaching powder. After putting chlorine, things like temperature, amount of chlorine, turbidity in the water will affect it, he said. “If there is 0.5 per liter of chlorine per liter, the water is drinkable after 30 minutes.” Sapkota said.

Than Prasad Gayre, president of Lumbini Province Water Association, said that rather than providing water, there is a question whether we have provided clean water or not. He said that there is a need to guarantee that the water going to the tap is safe rather than keeping the tap in the consumer’s house. Gayre said that the program to declare safe drinking water in Lumbini province has been taken forward.

In the program, Chief of Health Office Nawalparasi Om Prakash Panthi said that many diseases are caused due to polluted water and said that drinking clean water will improve your health.

Krishnahari Paudel, Housing Unit Coordinator of Bardghat Municipality, Kamansih Thapa, former President of Bardghat Water Supply, Sidibilas Hamal, outgoing President Dhatandan Basyal, Brihaspati Adhikari, President of Belahani Water Supply, Devidatta Sapkota, President of Nawalparasi of Water Supply Association, Prakash Neupane, Treasurer of Nepal Journalist Association, Nawalparasi, etc. It was discussed.

Bardghat Water Supply Secretary Shobhakant Koirala and President Deepak Lamsal presided over the orientation program in which the representatives of Panchnagar Water Supply, Chisapani Water Supply, Belhani Water Supply, Daunnedevi Water Supply and Jahda Manri Water Supply and Bardghat Water Supply Working Committee, Audit Committee, Advisor, Security Plan Members, Employees, Community Forestry, Industry About 60 people participated, including trade unions and volunteers.

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