The 2-day annual review conference of the laboratories of Lumbini province was completed

Health news/The annual review conference of state level laboratories for the fiscal year 2079-80 was held at Ghorahi in Dang under the organization of Lumbini State Public Health Laboratory.

Rajesh Kumar Gupta, director of the State Public Health Laboratory, chaired the conference in which Health Minister Raju Khanal, Health Secretary Dr. Jarnadan Panthi, Health Director Dr. Vinod Kumar Giri, Training Center Senior Health Education Administrator Nod Narayan Chaudhary, Health Division Chief Dr. Pushparaj Paudel of Health Ministry of Lumbini Province, Mim Bahadur Singh, Senior Program Manager of Save the Children and others were present.

Presentation of laboratory services provided by all 12 health offices of Lumbini province, provincial hospitals, federal hospitals, Ayurveda hospitals and other concerned bodies throughout the year as well as the laboratory related works conducted in the entire districts have been discussed and analyzed.

During the presentation, there was a discussion and review about suggestions such as managing manpower compared to the number of users in the laboratories of the related health institutions according to the needs, the need to continue the use of cartridges in the gene extract sites for tuberculosis diagnosis, networking between all the laboratories in the province and uniformity in the laboratory information management system.

Provincial public health laboratories should speed up monitoring, increase the capacity of laboratory workers, manage regular and specific tests in public health laboratories and lead them as dispatch centers, maintain quality control of government and non-government laboratories, and also conduct quality control at the district level of laboratories operated at the local level.

Health Minister Raju Khanal has instructed the laboratories under the province to pay attention to improving the quality of laboratories so that they do not have to go out looking for laboratories for disease testing, taking suggestions such as the need to network all laboratories and strengthen an information management system as the main action plan for the coming days.

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