Palpa ‘Complete Vaccination’ District Announcement

Health news/District ‘full vaccination’ has been ensured and sustainability has been declared. After the children between 16 months to 5 years of age received full vaccination, the district was declared a full vaccination assurance and sustainability district in a ceremony on Tuesday.

Speaker of Lumbini Province, Tulram Gharti Magar (Basant), handed over the proof of district declaration to the Coordinator of Vaccine Coordination Committee, Tankanath Khanal, and declared the district as a full vaccination assurance and sustainability district. 3 thousand 308 children under 15 months from birth and 10 thousand 560 children between 16 months to 5 years after household survey in all 81 wards of all 10 local levels of the district, 6 children who were found to have dropped out, were given full vaccination.

Dr. Rajendra Giri, Member Secretary of District Vaccination Coordinating Committee and Head of Health Office, Palpa, said that it was ensured that it was received. He said that based on the report obtained by conducting a household survey in coordination with the local level and the ward, the district has been declared fully vaccinated and sustainable. A 95% index is required to ensure complete vaccination. According to the Health Office, all the local levels here have completed 95 percent of the index.

As all the ten local levels of the district have already announced the complete vaccination guarantee and sustainability, according to the same provision, the district has also been announced according to the office chief Giri. For the first time, Palpa was declared a fully vaccinated district on February 13, 2070. There is a provision to ensure full vaccination every year. The announcement of state-level complete vaccination was made on 31st of Bhadra 2079. Health chief Giri said that the district has been given a continuation of sustainability assurance declaration for the past 3 years.

He compared the progress of the regular vaccination program in three financial years and found that the progress according to the target of full vaccination is low, the population growth rate is negative, the population of the target children does not meet, the lack of information about the full dose of vaccination as the age increases, and the lack of consultation regarding vaccination. Said there is. He said, “Declaring full vaccination is an important task in itself, but maintaining its sustainability and ensuring continuous full vaccination is a more indispensable and important task as well as a challenge.”

Declaring certainty and sustainability to the district, Speaker of Lumbini State Assembly Tulram Gharti said that it is not a big thing to announce but it is important to make it sustainable. He emphasized that since health is a sensitive issue, concerned agencies should be serious. Speaker Gharti mentioned that there is a trend of not giving priority to education and health even by the state. Speaker Gharti said, “12 billion budget goes to the Ministry of Physical Education, but not even 2 billion budget goes to education and health.” He emphasized that education and health should be the priority of all three levels of government.

In the program, state MP and former minister Bir Bahadur Rana said that the announcement should be considered as a campaign and not as an act. He mentioned that every program announcement could not be meaningful due to the tendency to take it as an act and requested the concerned agencies to take the assurance and sustainability announcement program as a campaign instead of acting.

Another provincial MP, Khem Bahadur Saru, said that since education and health are complementary to each other, if both are not guaranteed, migration is increasing and everyone should pay attention to it. In the event, Mathagadhi rural municipality chairman Yam Bahadur Chidi, Tansen municipality spokesperson Yadavsin Karki, Palpaki coordinator of Women’s Health Community Volunteers Savitra Adhikari and others stressed on the need to pay special attention to ensuring full vaccination and its sustainable and effective implementation.

Tankanath Khanal, Coordinator of District Immunization Coordination Committee and Coordinator of District Coordination Committee, Article 35 of the Constitution of Nepal and the Local Government Management Act, 074, have a legal arrangement that every child must receive full vaccination and according to the provisions of the World Health Organization, full vaccination must be ensured and declared annually.

tell Kumar Thapa, representative of Health Directorate, read the district declaration certificate. On the same occasion, female health workers, health office staff, local government and various organizations who helped to ensure complete vaccination were also honored. The program was conducted under the chairmanship of Tankanath Khanal, the coordinator of the District Vaccination Coordination Committee and the head of the District Coordination Committee, Lekhnath Aryal of the Health Office.

Before declaring the district, Purvkhola Rural Municipality on 20th Baishak, Ribdikot Rural Municipality on 27th Baishak, Mathagadhi Rural Municipality on 31st Baishak, Rainadevi Chhahara Rural Municipality on 1st May, Tinau Rural Municipality on 2nd May, Rambha Rural Municipality on 4th May, Nisdi Rural Municipality on 7th May, Bagnaskali on 14th May The Rural Municipality was announced on June 24th Tansen Municipality and on June 30th Rampur Municipality Purnkhop sustainability.

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